The health benefits of vitamin C (2)

The health benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very useful nutrient in the body.

You can consume vitamin C in foods or you can get it from supplements if you think that you are not getting enough from food.

What does vitamin C do for the body?

This may be the question that brought you here.

The key benefits of vitamin C in the body include;

  • It slows down the aging process

If you have started to develop the sign of aging, you may be looking for a way to slow down the aging process.

Vitamin C is one of the things that can really help you slow own the aging process.

Get your daily dosage of vitamin C by eating foods that are rich in vitamin C such as oranges, mangoes, raspberries and other fruits.

You can also take vitamin C supplements to get the vitamin C that will help you slow down the process of wrinkle formation and other common signs of aging.

  • It helps to strengthen the immune system

If you want to have a strong immune system that can effectively protect you from diseases, you should consume enough vitamin C on a daily basis.

This is because vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system.

If you have been suffering from colds and flus on a regular basis, consumption of vitamin C can help you reduce the frequency that you will be catching these infections.

  • Helps to improve cardiovascular health

Research has shown that vitamins C can help you prevents various cardiovascular diseases.The health benefits of vitamin C (1)

It helps to prevent heart attacks by slowing down the process that leads to hardening of the arteries. However, this does not mean that you should only take vitamin C if you suffer from cardiovascular problems.

Although taking vitamin c will help, you should stick to your doctor’s recommendations.

Vitamin C deficiency is very common.

In some people, vitamin C is not presents in the body in good levels because of smoking cigarettes.

the best thing to do if you are smoker who lacks vitamin C is to quit smoking. Vitamin C deficiency is more common in men than in women.

Not having enough vitamin C in the body can cause bleeding gums, rough, dry scaly skin, nosebleeds and a slow wound healing rate. Vitamin C is water soluble. This means that the body does not keep it.

It is filtered out in the kidneys and gets out of the body through urine. If you are prone to kidney stones, you should talk to you doctor before you start taking vitamin C supplements.