How Lethal Can Asthma Be

How Lethal Can Asthma Be (1)

Asthma is a chronic or long-lasting disease, which affects the lungs and airways.

An asthmatic person will suffer breathlessness attacks, wheezing, a tight chest, or coughing.

This happens when the bronchi or airways, are inflamed and narrowed.

So, is asthma a serious health condition?

Apparently, it is a lethal health condition that can affect the breathing system of a person.

Though some cases might not be severe.

What causes asthma?

The causes of asthma come in many ways.

Here are some of the causes of asthmatic attacks in people.

• Genetics. Doctors believe that some asthma cases might be in the family line. So a child can be born with asthma.
• Triggers, such as vigorous exercises or cold air. There might be some chemicals that can lead to the development or the worsening of the asthma symptoms.
• Allergens like house dust, perfume selections, pollution, pollen, specific foods, cigarette smoke, or pollen.

The allergens will make the airways lining inflamed and swollen.

These are the common causes of asthma.

Also, people with chest infections will be more susceptible to the asthmatic attacks.

How Lethal Can Asthma Be (2)What Makes Asthma Lethal?

In some cases, asthma attacks can be mild in a person, meaning that it will be less serious.

Other than the mildness of the infection, there are also effective medications that help to lessen the infection.

Nonetheless, some cases of asthma attacks can be lethal, and they might end up threatening the life of the victim.

What makes asthma a serious health condition is when it is not addressed during its early stages.

Unless asthma is treated sufficiently and on time, it will affect the breathing system of the person, and some might end up dying due to the lack of proper breathing.

How Chronic Is Asthma?

Asthma tends to fluctuate over and over.How Lethal Can Asthma Be (1)

The symptoms will vary from time to time, meaning that it can be severe at one time, and mild at the other.

Specific medications have been designed to lessen the symptoms of asthma.

If it is linked to the family line, the asthmatic attack can last throughout the life of the victim.

However, it is caused by other allergens or triggers, it might last for a few years.

Is it Treatable?

Unfortunately, asthma cannot be treated, but it is controlled.

Since it is a chronic disease, it has no cure, which is why it is advised to take the medications as prescribed.

So, since it has no any immediate cure, is asthma a serious health condition?

If the symptoms are addressed promptly, and with the right medication, it can be less lethal.

It is all about seeking medical advice whenever the symptoms are noted.…

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